Discreet and covert private investigations for business corporations that require exposure to fraud and malpractice that is secretly operating inside their workplace.

Our Investigations Mandate:


“To provide covert surveillance and internal investigations for business corporations in an aggressive effort to tackle, dismantle, and shut down WSIB / workplace injury fraud, time theft, embezzlement, financial misrepresentation, criminal activity, and false billing practices”


Business corporations today face the ever growing threat of embezzlement, fraud, and misrepresentation. These threats costs businesses and corporations millions of dollars annually in lost inventory, unnecessary lost time, and increased workers compensation (WSIB) & commercial general liability insurance premiums due to false and fraudulent claims. Theft and fraud can be committed by anyone (from blue collar workers to senior managers), making no one immune to corporate misconduct. Internal theft of company inventory, funds, time, and organized crime operating inside the confines of the walls of a facility are a serious threat to the company’s reputation and brand recognition. Corporations who subcontract labour also face the growing threat of time theft, vendor kickbacks, and false vendor billing practices for work that was never performed. Any one of these practices can devastate a corporation’s liability, revenue, and overall image to compete in the marketplace.


“Our goal is to work with corporations to detect and combat embezzlement, organized crime occurring in their workforce, financial misrepresentation, and fraudulent workplace disability claims in order to maintain their integrity and overall image”

Did you know?


Interforce International Private Investigation’s management team were former union members of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) and Unifor for over 10 years? Our management team has vast knowledge of union politics and tactics which are commonly used to induce unnecessary overhead costs, reduced productivity due to political issues, and work sabotage during labour disputes.


Are your workers compensation (WSIB) insurance premiums out of control due to a surge in workplace injury claims?


Did you know that in unionized warehouse, distribution, production, and manufacturing environments, it is estimated that half of all workplace injury claims are either embellished and / or contain false details, which would (on paper) warrant the employee to be off work and collect a paycheque every week? By hiring Interforce International to investigate suspicious workplace related injuries and workers compensation claims, we can reduce your WSIB premiums in half by eliminating fraudulent claims that cost your corporation hundreds and thousands of dollars in redundant insurance premiums!


Interforce International’s private investigator team will discretely work in the background to:

  • Detect corporate misconduct.
  • Conduct reconnaissance and various undercover operations on and individual or individuals for a set period of time to gather enough intelligence.
  • Present all evidence to the corporation for prosecution.

Our corporate private investigations services in the greater Toronto area can help businesses of all sizes with various issues, such as:

  • Organized crime inside your workforce (i.e. drug and contraband trafficking).
  • Substance abuse: Are employees consuming alcohol or any other substances and working under the influence?
  • Supervisory ineffectiveness for under performing management.
  • Forensic accounting for embezzlement of finances and company inventory.
  • Workplace harassment.
  • Phony sickness, phony doctors notes. We will investigate and authenticate all suspicious sickness related cases.
  • Internal theft of company inventory: Is your inventory depleting mysteriously?
  • Fraudulent WSIB and disability claims (STD & LTD) due to falsified injury reports.
  • Employee time theft (i.e. buddy punching, sleeping on the job).
  • False billing practices from vendors and subcontractors that work at various locations throughout the day and night.
  • Kickbacks that promote favoritism instead of competitive bidding for contractual agreements and subcontractors.
  • Conflicts of interest: Does someone in your corporation have multiple interests which conflict with one another?
  • Non-compete agreement violations: Is someone in your company planning to be a competitor behind your back?
  • Delivery & transport drivers not performing their duty or purposely working at a slower pace while being paid by the hour.
  • Theft of funds from cash handing employees.
  • Delivery & transport drivers stealing company product.
  • Improper disclosure: Lying on a resume, failure to disclose past criminal history, etc.
  • Neglect of duty, unethical practices.
  • Improper safety practices.
  • Corporate espionage and competitive intelligence: Is someone sharing company secrets with a competitor?
  • Computer violations: Unauthorized personnel accessing sensitive and restricted content on company computers or remotely.
  • Fraudulent health and dental claims from corporate employee benefits.
  • Work sabotage to induce unscheduled overtime or other financial benefits.
  • Unethical practices leading to a labour dispute (i.e. productivity slowed down on purpose, work sabotage), and during a labour dispute. Our findings can be used as evidence in a court of law for injunction purposes that can favor the corporation, and for employee disciplinary actions.
  • Internal investigations involving malpractice in operations, finance, human resources, etc.
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