Interforce International’s Code of Ethics Statement Policy:

To recognize that our principal responsibilities are, in the service of our organizations and clients, to protect life and property as well as to prevent and reduce crime against our business, industry, or other organizations and institutions; and in the public interest, to uphold the law and to respect the constitutional rights of all persons.


To be guided by a sense of integrity, honor, justice, and morality in the conduct of business; in all personnel matters; in relationships with government agencies, clients, and employers; and in responsibilities to the general public.


To strive faithfully to render security services of the highest quality and to work continuously to improve our knowledge and skills and thereby improve the overall effectiveness of private security.


To uphold the trust of our employers, our clients, and the public by performing our functions within the law, not ordering or condoning violations of law; and ensuring that our security personnel conduct their assigned duties lawfully and with proper regard for the rights of others.


To respect the reputation and practice of others in private security, but to expose to the proper authorities any conduct that is unethical or unlawful.


To apply uniform and equitable standards of employment in recruiting and selecting personnel regardless of race, creed, color, sex, or age, and in providing salaries commensurate with job responsibilities and with training, education, and experience.


To cooperate with recognized and responsible law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies; to comply with security licensing and registration laws and other statutory requirements that pertain to our business.


To respect and protect the confidential and privileged information of employers and clients beyond the term of our employment, except where their interests are contrary to law or to this Code of Ethics.


To maintain a professional posture in all business relationships with employers and clients, with others in the private security field, and with members of other professions; and to insist that our personnel adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct.


To encourage the professional advancement of our personnel by assisting them to acquire appropriate security knowledge, education, and training.

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