Find out why Interforce International’s private investigations is a clear and innovative winner for your investigations needs:

“Interforce International private investigations employs complex and innovative technologies capable of engaging in covert surveillance within 10 feet of a subject without blowing our cover, resulting in clear and up close photo and video evidence that no other investigations firm can produce”


What is uniquely different from Interforce International’s private investigations team? In simple terms, the technology that we use for our covert operations is innovative and second to none. No other private investigations firm in the greater Toronto area employ the complex recording devices that we have in our inventory to covertly conduct private investigations and surveillance.


Interforce International employs no big and bulky DSLR cameras and no big video recording devices. All of our recording devices are as small as a dime and can record the same quality video that other private investigations firms use for their surveillance needs.

Google Android and Apple iPhone application now available!


Once your file is active, our private investigations services are updated in real time with our Android and Apple mobile application, providing real time updates and alerts every time we reach a milestone! Windows and Blackberry mobile phones can also access our live update and alerts by using the mobile web browser. Clients can contribute by posting questions for your assigned private investigator to follow up and answer.


*Our Android and iPhone applications are not searchable in any app stores and is only provided to our clients via a discrete download link.


Compare Interforce International Private Investigations to the rest:

  • Can engage in covert surveillance within 10 feet of a subject without blowing our cover.
  • Employs video and photo recording devices the size of a nickel.
  • Surveillance devices are hidden and not visible to anyone, allowing full anonymity when recording.
  • Android and iPhone application is provided to all clients for instant updates. Clients can post questions and comments about their case for the investigator to follow up on.
  • Can only engage in covert surveillance far away inside vehicles with tinted glass, resulting in poor video and imagery, and bad angles.
  • Employs big DSLR cameras that are used to photo and video recording.
  • Investigators are required to hide behind objects and record behind tinted glass to get their surveillance due to large and bulky equipment which is easily seen.
  • Requires e-mail and / or telephone communication to provide progress on a case.
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