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Interforce International Security offers a vast array of professional security guard patrol services for the greater Toronto area, serving various sectors such as residential, commercial, insurance, corporate, industrial, and government facilities. To serve our clients in the highest regard, we do what we do best: To serve and to protect.

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You can trust Interforce International Security to provide the services you need with exceptional results and at highly competitive prices. All of our security guards are trained in the Criminal Code, Trespass To Property Act, The Security Guard’s Act, The Privacy Act, crisis intervention, sensitivity, and customer satisfaction. They are also equipped with the latest technology to better serve our clients and to keep them safer than ever before. Our private investigations security personnel are trained to covertly engage in surveillance in order to bring justice to you from any false and fraudulent claim that can cost thousands of dollars.

“Interforce International possesses vast knowledge and expertise in the security guard industry and has assembled one of the most finest security guard agencies in the greater Toronto area. This has resulted in numerous business awards, most recently on April 30, 2015 at the Brampton Business Excellence Awards”


You can expect a complete and thorough assessment of your property to determine possible threats and security breaches of your property. Once the assessment is complete, our security guards will be briefed and will patrol your property in accordance to the assessment. Our security guards will patrol your entire property floor by floor, around its exterior perimeters, garages, and parking lots to ensure that everything is secured. We will enforce the Trespass to Property Act, Criminal Code, municipal parking bylaws, and condo/building bylaws to ensure an orderly environment. NPEs (notice prohibiting entry) and/or arrests will be made on a case to case basis and will be issued and performed with professionalism without prejudice and/or discrimination. We will work with contractors, emergency personnel, and Police to ensure smooth communication and assistance.

During emergencies such as a fire alarm, our trained professionals follow strict protocols to ensure that help is dispatched in the fastest time possible. All of our security guards are trained to perform CPR and are mandated to provide basic first aid when needed. Once a days work is complete, you can expect a detailed report on the security guard(s) findings during his/her shift. We can either submit you a paper copy or submit it to you electronically by e-mail. Furthermore, we will issue every customer a bi-weekly report on the overall business. Inside our reports are statistics in graph form based on what our guards have encountered in that two week timeframe along with previous month’s statistics as a comparison. Mobile supervisors and management staff make frequent visits for site and staff inspection, briefings, report verification, and to replenish supplies.For parking control, our security guards can resolve any issues related to illegally parked vehicles. Our parking control guards are licensed and contracted by Toronto Police, Peel Regional police, or the municipality where your property resides (MLEO certified) and have the authority to issue parking infractions on your property. They will tow vehicles if necessary. They do not receive any promotions or pay raises based on the number of tickets they issue nor do they have ticket quotas.

Interforce International is a professional security guard company and agency that provides security guard patrol services for a wide variety of industries, such as:

You can trust Interforce International’s security guard services in Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Hamilton, Markham, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, and other municipalities for:

  • Comprehensive floor by floor security patrols to detect building deficiencies and prohibited activity. We will patrol common areas such as stairwells, underground parking lots, outdoor parking lots, mechanical rooms, etc.
  • Security signs placed in common areas (doors, parking lots, elevators, etc) with 24 hour dispatch line.
  • Complimentary AED defibrillator stored in public area for easy access and increased safety awareness.
  • Frequent site visits from security management to ensure client protocols are being met.
  • Computerized inbound & outbound log for contractors and visitors for accurate traceable records.
  • Monthly detailed computerized report with statistics in graph form and summary of incidences reported.
  • 24 hour dispatch line for resident inquiries.
  • Complimentary basic threat assessment survey to identify any possible safety threats and deficiencies.
  • Security guard tour patrol verification for quality assurance from our guard’s patrol history.
  • Fire watch and contractor supervision for controlled access, guarding of materials, and verifying work done.
  • Enforcement of the Trespass to Property Act and Criminal Code of Canada, keeping property safe from harm.
  • Lease and building by-law enforcement to ensure the integrity of the building being protected.
  • CCTV monitoring.
  • Front desk and lobby security guard services to greet all visitors, log in/out all contractors, and general assistance.
  • Security escorts to and from vehicles and units to ensure everyone arrives to and from work safely.

Security Guard Agencies in Brampton

In today’s world, there are so many events and social gatherings happing as people are more interested in enjoyment. However, all such gatherings will require proper management and a security guard for their proper functioning. Therefore we act as a comprehensive security guard agencies in Brampton. All customers have access to our management 24 hours a day. And we monitor from the beginning to end of all the functions. Our supervisor checks the latches and security guards do the proper groundwork on the location. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured and the policy is available upon request. What makes us special is that our protective tracking systems are installed at all locations where the function is being conducted and monitored 24 hours a day in our 24/7 dispatch command centre. On request, we can supply a security patrol vehicle, bicycle patrol vehicle or golf cart patrol vehicle to protect a large area.

Our patrol vehicles are active, visible, reflective and equipped with emergency lights and are an excellent deterrent.  Another speciality is that all clients have the opportunity to meet and interview agents prior to being assigned to their position. Our agents are professional and proactive protection experts. And are continuously trained to be neat, sharp, sharp, clear and well-mannered.Contact us now and get all the information you want for the best security guard agency in Brampton.

Security Guard Services London

As people are more interested in entertainment and social gatherings, as a result, there will be a big crowd and all of these gatherings will need good management and a security guard to operate smoothly. Hence, we work as a complete security solution in London. We provide complete management for the programme all through the day. And we oversee all functions from start to finish. Our supervisors inspect the latches and security guards carry out the appropriate preparations on site. Our company is licensed and insured and follows government laws. What makes us special is that our tracking systems are installed in all locations where functions are conducted and monitored carefully without making unexpected trouble. We can also supply Security Patrol Vehicle, Bicycle Patrol Vehicle or Golf Cart Patrol to protect a large area. Our patrol vehicles are active, visible, and equipped with emergency lights and are a great deterrent.

Another special feature is that all clients have the opportunity to meet and interview agents before being appointed to their positions. Our agents are professional and proactive protection experts. And be constantly trained to be orderly, neat, clean, clear, and stylish. Contact us now and get all the information you want about the best security guard services London.

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