Secure your movie shoot’s equipment, studios, and casts with Interforce International:

Our Security Mandate:


“To provide asset protection for movie shoots, studios, and television shows through the means of controlled access for crowds & spectators, cast & crew members, and vehicles. To guard all film equipment, movie sets, and trucks from theft and sabotage”


Toronto is home to one of the most popular destinations for film and movie production in the world, and is no secret for film producers to choose Toronto as a prime film and scenery location. Toronto also generates a lot of spectators in which can be problematic when it comes to the safety of your equipment, cast, and crew. Without a proper security detail, your movie or television shoot can jeopardize the lives of the people who are responsible for the success of your movies and television shows.


“Adequate security is paramount for the protection for all cast & crew members who play a crucial role for the film or television show. Expensive equipment and production vehicles are prone to theft and sabotage. Hire Interforce International to ensure your time spent filming in Toronto is a safe and memorable one”


With the vast amount of expensive equipment needed to produce such films and television shows, it is imperative for adequate protection for your film studio’s vehicles and the equipment stored inside in order for a successful, on-time movie shoot. Any missing equipment that is needed to produce films and movie shoots can severely delay your duration and cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to replace. The risk is too severe to leave everything unattended and organized. This is where Interforce International Security comes in. Right from the start, we will make sure that the flow of spectators have restricted access based on your specifications, ensure your cast and crew members are protected, and last but certainly not least, your film equipment is secure at all times while we are on duty.

Whether you are a film producer or a TV studio filming a show, you can expect Interforce International Security’s film and movie production security guard services in Toronto for:

  • Access control for pedestrians, spectators, and fans in order to provide a safe distance for cast and crew members to perform their movie shoot without interference.
  • Directing vehicular traffic in and out of restricted areas, and around movie sets where traffic lanes have been reduced and/or narrowed.
  • Security protection for studios and film producers of all equipment and vehicles from theft and sabotage.
  • Provide security detail for cast and crew members to ensure their safety is never compromised.
  • Road closure enforcement to vehicles and pedestrians for action and / or stunt filming.
  • Provide physical security for studio gatehouses.
  • Contractor watch for controlled access to authorized areas only, to ensure work is being performed in a timely fashion, and to ensure that all valuables in contractor work areas are secure at all times. Log in and out reports are filled out to for traceable records.
  • Security detail for live studio audiences to ensure an orderly crowd, and for the safety of cast and crew members.
  • Interforce International is committed to make frequent site visits from management in order to ensure that the quality of our security guard services is always properly maintained. This involves unpredictable spot checks for our security personnel, as well as frequent site meetings with client management to ensure that all of our client’s security needs and expectations are always met or exceeded.
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