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Faster, smarter, and more efficient, Interforce International Security & Private Investigations represents a new generation of innovative security guard patrol services serving the greater Toronto area. We specialize in detecting, deterring, and combating crime using innovative technologies currently used in today’s police and military forces around the world.


By being only one of the select few security guard companies to do so in Canada, we achieve an industry benefit of deterring criminal activity, trespassing, and criminal activity quicker and more efficient, and most importantly, keeping our men and women safer than ever. By employing such innovations, our men and women on duty can detect and respond to situations much faster than our competitors, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity, awareness, and most of all, customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for civilian / property protection, trust Interforce International Security & Private Investigations as your top choice for security guard protection.


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We Provide Security Services That Matches Your Needs & Your Budget!

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What We Offer:

Hire Specialized Construction security & fire watch protection services

Construction security & fire watch protection


To provide fire watch and asset protection services for construction sites….

Security Guard Services for Commercial security and asset protection

Commercial security and asset protection


To safeguard a business’s property and assets from fire, theft, flooding….

High Level Film & movie shoot production security protection services

Film & movie shoot production security protection


To provide asset protection for movie shoots, studios, and television shows….

Professsional High risk security guard services protection

High risk security guard services protection


To provide a strong and vigilant security presence in low income neighborhoods….

Mobile security guard patrol & property protection services

Mobile security guard patrol & property protection


To enforce municipal parking bylaws in parking lots and garages, tow vehicles if….

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Client testimonials:

Pretty much impressed with the talent and technology Interforce International have in their arsenal. Their quick responsiveness is what amazes me the most.

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Security companies in Toronto

Interface International is an independent private security company in Toronto that protect you from the threats and risks to your assets, and facilities. We offer proactive and preventative security solutions at very competitive prices which are affordable to all our customers. We specialize in customized service to our clients and make sure that our service gets the maximum result.  We are an audited and trusted security agency, and a team with extensive experience in executive protection, including excellent commands for onsite operations and advanced technology knowledge and implementation to fully protect clients. We also focus more on giving high-level training to our workers so that they can be very professional at their work and do wonderful jobs. By choosing our Security Guards you will be choosing one of Toronto’s fastest-growing security providers. Our services provide a safe and secure environment for our customers with state-of-the-art technology security guards, backed by pre-determined plans to handle any situation and easily resolve issues.


We offer complete solutions, law enforcement expertise, and environmentally friendly products that are easy to use and provide long-term protection for commercial and industrial applications. Our approach is to provide end-to-end security coverage, protect facilities, streamline operations and make them effective. With respect for our customers with world-class corporate security systems, we strive to represent and deliver the best service in Canada with a dedication to excellence and integrity.  To get the best and world’s leading security company is so simple now. We are able to provide quality service across Canada and particularly in Toronto. We are trying our best to provide the finest service at a low cost. Feel free to contact us now and get the best security companies in Toronto for your business.

Best Security Companies in Toronto

We understand that every business and industry is unique in terms of operations and security and requires specialized solutions to secure people, projects, and assets. As a result, we provide corporate security systems to industries ranging from large mining camps and remote pipeline facilities to car dealerships and retailers. As each of these businesses has very different security needs, we work with them to provide the best solutions that meet their protection needs and protect their assets. From local surveillance stations and access security systems to security guards and mobile surveillance, we tailor security solutions to your needs and desires to ensure comprehensive coverage.


We work in all major industries throughout Toronto. We have been the best security companies in Toronto ever since we started our operation. The key factor of our success is that we never try to give a general security solution as soon as a customer approaches us, instead, we conduct detailed research with respect to the area that the customer needs and provide a customized solution that is well suited to their needs.


As we can give a specified service to our customers we can minimise the cost for the service and increase the efficiency. If still want to know more about us please feel free to visit us or contact us directly.

VIP Security Toronto

Our Toronto’s VIP security experts provide meticulous service to protect people at risk from a variety of sources. Each member of the protection team has the maximum skills, training, and experience needed to effectively protect you from malicious attacks. Whether you need protection for a celebrity, political, social, religious person, wealthy person, or any other reason, our protection service personnel have been provided extensive training to protect you at any cost. We have been in the industry for many years with lots of service experience. The world has become very unpredictable and personal safety considerations are more important than ever. Let our experts show you the unique protection you deserve!


To provide qualified protection, we provide highly qualified and professional law enforcement, security, protection and investigation services, the needs of our clients as security professionals and all security. We provide a one-stop solution to your problems. To mitigate potential threats to our customers, our agents and professionals respond immediately to all requests and provide immediate protection, security patrol, and investigation needs. Our commitment to our customers is to promote without any time restrictions and offer our customers the promised price. If you have any questions about VIP security Toronto, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Private Security Toronto

We are committed to helping each customer achieve the highest level of protection and security required for a particular industry or situation. Our private security Toronto guards have many years of experience in loss prevention, crime prevention and dispute resolution. We have the experience and expertise to provide temporary, permanent, and urgent security to a variety of industries, including Hospitality, shared apartments, manufacturing, industry, retail, and special events. Our wide range of security services includes Locks and alerts; alarm monitoring and response. Mobile Patrol; Fire Clock; Parking Enforcement; Access Control; Reception and Gate Guard; and Event Security. We can also offer custom security programs tailored to your specific needs, vulnerabilities, and budget.


Our Private Security employees meet the strictest standards issued by the Canadian authorities. And have passed extensive background checks, drug tests and anything that make sure the genuine of the employees. Apart from that, the employees have been getting continuous on-the-job training to outperform while they are at work. For over a decade, we have been providing outstanding service to our customers in Canada in general and Toronto in particular. We are licensed and our security services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Call us for a free quote now to book our service.

Security Toronto Airport

When you arrive at the airport, there are many things to consider. One of the most important pieces of luggage must be safe whenever you enter or leave the airport. To ensure the safety of your baggage, proper security screening is required at Toronto Airport. Safety is an important part of travel. It’s important to have a way to protect yourself and your belongings, even on short trips. You may not even understand how important this is until you are robbed or another traumatic event occurs. You will also find that many people do not know what they are doing when securing their property. This can be disastrous if lost or stolen because someone cannot protect it properly. If you’re looking for the best security airport in Toronto, look for something other than Interforce International. We have a team of experts trained to detect suspicious behaviour and respond immediately.


You don’t have to worry about tracking all passengers passing through the terminal. Our team can also provide additional services such as baggage inspection, baggage drop-off and other services to improve the security Toronto airport. Call us now for more information regarding how to protect passengers passing through the terminal without any confusion or problems.

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