Protect your asset inventory from theft and sabotage with a loss prevention security guard:

Our Security Mandate:


“To provide overt or covert security guard and loss prevention security protection for retail / department stores, warehouses, and distribution centres in order to minimize theft, whether it be internally or externally”


One of the biggest challenges that every business faces is the loss of revenue due to theft. Thousands of dollars are lost on a weekly basis from unaccounted product which is suspected to be stolen. Interforce International Security understands that theft is a huge concern and will provide either a visual deterrence to make thieves think twice, or provide discreet covert surveillance monitoring using many of our pinhole cameras embedded in everyday items such as light fixtures, ceilings, and shelves. Our undercover approach is so discrete that thieves will have no clue that they are being watched. In fact, employing a loss prevention / retail security guard from Interforce International Security may be more cost effective in the long run due to the amount of shoplifting that our guards prevent. Internal theft is also a cause for concern, knowing that employees will have the most direct knowledge about security procedures for your store. Organized theft is certainly not uncommon. Interforce International will work secretly in the background to detect and deter any suspicious activity which may lead to internal theft.

Interforce International’s loss prevention security guard patrol services provides:

  • Retail security: Loss prevention of inventory on display to customers.
  • Warehouse & distribution centre security: Loss prevention of product inventory, CCTV monitoring.
  • Department store security: Loss prevention of inventory on display to customers.
  • Plain clothes security guards to prevent and apprehend shoplifters in a retail environment.

You can trust Interforce International’s loss prevention security guard patrol services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, and other municipalities for:

  • Frequent and unpredictable security guard patrols throughout your store is crucial and is the first line of defense against theft. A heavily guarded store is unlikely to be targeted for theft compared to an unguarded store. Our strong security presence will allow your retail or department store to be bypassed in the event when a thief (or thieves) target a specific store for theft.
  • Security signs placed in common areas (doors, parking lots, elevators, etc) with 24 hour dispatch line.
  • Frequent site visits from security management to ensure client protocols are being met.
  • Computerized inbound & outbound log for contractors and visitors for accurate traceable records.
  • Monthly detailed computerized report with statistics in graph form and summary of incidences reported.
  • 24 hour dispatch line for resident inquiries.
  • Complimentary basic threat assessment survey to identify any possible safety threats and deficiencies.
  • Fire watch and contractor supervision for controlled access, guarding of materials, and verifying work done.
  • Enforcement of the Trespass to Property Act and Criminal Code of Canada, keeping property safe from harm.
  • CCTV monitoring.
  • When undercover, our security personnel can discretely provide reconnaissance towards subjects who have been identified as a potential shoplifter.
  • Security escorts to and from vehicles and units to ensure everyone arrives to and from work safely.
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