Physical security guard patrol services for businesses and communities:

Our Security Mandate:


“To provide civilian, property, and asset protection for clients in need of security guard services for their private property. To provide a strong security presence to deter illicit activity and to give the general public a sense of safety and security”


Interforce International Secuity provides comprehensive security guard services for private properties in need of civilian, data, and property protection . By working closely with your property managers, superintendents, and other staff, Interforce International’s security guards are committed to provide impeccable, proactive, and innovative security solutions to keep your community safe. Utilizing various counter-measure technologies, our men and women will work smarter, faster, more efficient, and safer than ever before providing everyone extremely fast response times when every second counts. Specifically trained for customer service, you can expect nothing short of impeccable levels of care and hospitality. Rest assured, everyone can sleep peacefully at night knowing that your property is under our watchful eye.

Interforce International’s genral security guard and patrol services provides:

  • Residential apartment and town house complex security
  • Mobile security guard patrols

You can trust Interforce International’s general security guard services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Hamilton, and other municipalities for:

  • Comprehensive floor by floor security patrols to detect building deficiencies and prohibited activity. We will patrol common areas such as stairwells, underground parking lots, outdoor parking lots, mechanical rooms, etc.
  • Security signs placed in common areas (doors, parking lots, elevators, etc) with 24 hour dispatch line.
  • Complimentary AED defibrillator stored in public area for easy access and increased safety awareness.
  • Frequent site visits from security management to ensure client protocols are being met.
  • Computerized inbound & outbound log for contractors and visitors for accurate traceable records.
  • Monthly detailed computerized report with statistics in graph form and summary of incidences reported.
  • 24 hour dispatch line for resident inquiries.
  • Complimentary basic threat assessment survey to identify any possible safety threats and deficiencies.
  • Security guard tour patrol verification for quality assurance from our guard’s patrol history.
  • Fire watch and contractor supervision for controlled access, guarding of materials, and verifying work done.
  • Enforcement of the Trespass to Property Act and Criminal Code of Canada, keeping property safe from harm.
  • Lease and building by-law enforcement to ensure the integrity of the building being protected.
  • Front desk and lobby security guard services to greet all visitors, log in/out all contractors, and general assistance.
  • CCTV monitoring.
  • Banning orders (notice prohibiting entry or NPE forms) for disobedient trespassers, legally barring them from re-entry.
  • Security escorts to and from vehicles and units to ensure everyone arrives to and from work safely.
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