Why Choose Interforce International Security and Investigations?

Why choose Interforce International Security and Investigations for your security guard protection needs? Find out here!

"Interforce International Security and Investigations is a licensed, bonded, and insured security guard firm in the Province of Ontario. Our head office is located in Toronto and we also have branch offices located in Brampton. Out of all the security guard private investigations firms located in the greater Toronto area, here are some of the many reasons why you should choose Interforce International Security and Investigations for your security guard protection needs"

So you’re wondering, why should you choose Interforce International Security and Investigations for your security guard or private investigations needs? There’s many reasons why, and we have outlined many of them below:

  • Interforce International Security and Investigations is properly insured with a 2 million dollar commercial general liability insurance certificate. Rest assured, all of our clients are covered in the unfortunate event of a legal claim. Our insurance certificate is displayed at our head office for reference.


  • Our security guard services provided is second to none: In fact, we can guarantee you that you won’t find another security guard and private investigations agency offering the magnitude of bundled services that we offer. Check out our services section for a complete list of detailed services that are standard to every customer.


  • The technologies that we use for covert surveillance is second to none. Using small hidden photographic and video recorders that are embedded onto our private investigator’s clothing, we are the only agency in the greater Toronto area that can engage covertly with a subject under surveillance (often within 10 feet of the subject), and record video footage in clear / vivid detail WITHOUT the subject knowing. These technologies are in stark contrast to other private investigations firms who use big and bulky DSLR cameras for their photography and ideography, often requiring them to hide inside a car or behind a corner or tree in order to capture the subject under surveillance Due to the distance they require to remain unnoticed, bad angles and lack of detail in their photos and video recordings are the result. Interforce International’s private investigations team will demonstrate all the technologies we use in order to convince our clients that we are the most innovative in this field of surveillance.


  • We are the only security agency in Ontario that offers a hybrid of physical and remote security. What does this mean for you? It means that you can enjoy the physical presence of our highly trained security guards in combination with remote monitoring sensors that will be placed in key remote areas of concern on your property. That way, we can monitor your property from various angles which are not possible from traditional security.


  • We can detect and respond to situations faster and more efficiently than anyone else by implementing infrared technologies: No one can respond faster than us when it comes to suspicious activity, database verification, and medical emergencies. By hiring Interforce International Security and Investigations, you can expect increased productivity and lightning fast response times.



  • Our GPS fobs can track vehicles and persons live, and even send us alerts when a subject or vehicle moves or leaves a prescribed zone.


  • It is a well known fact that numerous security guard and private investigations companies are “fly by night” firms that can disappear any day, and only operate with satellite (non-physical) offices. Some security guard and private investigations firms are operated by just one person with limited resources.Interforce International has been in operation since 2005 and has 40-45 full and part time security guards, private investigators, and dually licensed security guards & private investigators working on all sorts of assignments across the greater Toronto area. All of our potential clients are encouraged to visit our head office during office hours for a tour of our facility and for us to answer any questions you may have in regards to our company and services.


  • Our billing rates are attractive and competitive in the security guard and private investigations industry. Rest assured that your security guard and private investigations needs will be billed competitively with clear and consisted billing.


  • You can track our progress through any computer or on our Android and iPhone application, which automatically alerts you once we reach a milestone.


  • We value all of our employees: Making our guards feel appreciated definitely retains loyalty. Expect Interforce International Security and Investigations to treat all of our employees the same way we treat you: With dignity and respect. All of our employees receive refreshment training to ensure that their skills are always sharp. Incentive bonuses are issued to excellent attendance records and special accomplishments that occur on duty.


  • We communicate with you frequently: Many security guard and private investigations service providers treat their clients like a number and never call to see how things are going. Big corporations are notorious for doing this. You won’t see any of that with Interforce International Security and Investigations. In fact, you can expect a bi-weekly detailed computerized report of what our men and women have encountered in a 2 week timeframe along with statistics in graph form, outstanding issues, and new business. In addition, our management staff will make frequent visits to your location to see how you and our employees are doing.


  • We are corporate members of the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs, Canadian Condominium Institute, and Toronto / Mississauga Construction Association!


  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none: We value all of our customers. No matter how small or big, everyone will get equal, impeccable customer service. All of our clients will receive a telephone hotline, e-mail address, and mailbox equipped with feedback forms for your business and/or community to tell us how we’re doing. We love to hear what we are doing well, as well as where we can improve. We, just as any other company, are not perfect and will make bad judgments from time to time. Our objective is to learn from our mistakes. All complaints will be thoroughly investigated and a response will be issued to the complainer within 48 hours guaranteed.


  • Our senior management have all been employed as security guard and private investigator for years in the past before making the transition to management. What does this mean for you? It means that our management staff understands what clients want and need from a private investigator perspective as well as from a management level. We know the private investigations industry inside out!


  • We are the only security agency in Ontario to provide construction firms perimeter security for their construction sites. Call us at 416-907-9246 or e-mail us at info@interforceinternational.com to find out more about this exciting package we have for all construction firms!
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