Team Interforce International

Meet the Interforce International team of excellence!


Kien Hoang (President & CEO)

Kien comes from a vast security and private investigations background with over a decade of experience working in the security and private investigations industry. Most of his experience comes from high risk assignments, but also holds expertise in upscale condominiums and warehouses. His robust education includes a diploma in web & graphic design and business management, and is currently certified as a Metro Law Enforcement Officer (MLEO) for the Toronto Police Parking Enforcement division. His vision is to provide innovative security and covert surveillance solutions and is always seeking new technologies with suppliers all across the globe. Kien was responsible for implementing GPS tracking fobs, biometric technology to the company for quick attendance recording as well as identifying repeat offenders, and was directly responsible for bringing instant intrusion and detection available for land developers, construction firms, and project management firms: A first for any law enforcement agency in North America just after the Milwaukee Police Department!


Julie De Los Santos  (Field Operations Manager: Security & Private Investigations)

Julie has a robust background in Criminology and has recently joined our team to be head of Operations for all of our sub-contracted locations in the greater Toronto area. Her expertise in law has assisted Interforce International to create standard operating procedures in vivid detail, educating all of our security guards in the Criminal Code of Canada and the Trespass to Property Act. Julie also acts as the knowledge base when it comes to the law. Her tremendous leadership at Interforce International is a blessing for all of our staff who rely on her for advice, training, and operational protocols.


Sabahat Sabth  (Chief Financial Officer)


Denis Nickson  (Security Supervisor: High Risk Division)


Kamran Eshan  (Private Investigations Supervisor)


Virendra Sheoran  (Security Supervisor: General Security Division)


Yasir Ali Latif  (Security Supervisor: Concierge Security Division)


Jose Barbosa  (Mobile Supervisor: Security & Private Investigations for GTA)


Yasir Ali Khan  (Mobile Supervisor: Security & Private Investigations for GTA)

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