Do you suspect your spouse cheating on you? Get all the facts and evidence from Interforce International before you confront!

Our Investigations Mandate:


“To conduct covert surveillance and investigations for individuals who suspect their spouse committing adultery / infidelity. Interforce International Private Investigations will provide concrete evidence whether or not a spouse is faithful”


If you’re visiting this page, you’re likely suspicious of your spouse seeing another man or woman behind your back. Your suspicions build from secret text messages and telephone calls where your spouse has to quickly leave the room to answer. Or how about your spouse’s pay cheque not adding up to the amount of hours he / she claims to work on a regular basis? In today’s world, technology has unfortunately made it extremely easy and discrete to commit adultery. The definition of “cheating” is no longer a physically sexual act. Flirting, sexting (texting about sexual desires), even friendly dates behind your back can constitute as infidelity as well. If your spouse is behaving awkwardly and you suspect that something fishy is going on, you can trust Interforce International’s team of private investigators to meticulously investigate suspicious behavior related to infidelity and adultery.


“It is best not to confront your spouse about infidelity unless you have the hard evidence and facts. If you don’t, your allegations will be unfounded. Your spouse will deny everything and will make their cheating behavior much harder to detect after knowing that you are on their radar”

Common signs of adultery / infidelity in a relationship:

  • Loss of sex drive: Your spouse may be sexually active and satisfied from someone else.
  • Pay stub hours not matching the hours your spouse claims to work.
  • Mysterious charges on your spouse’s credit or debit card, and in awkward locations.
  • Missing condoms from the drawer where you and your spouse stores personal items.
  • Hair strands on your spouse’s clothing that do not belong to either one of you.
  • Excessive time on cell phone or computer, becoming very aggressive and resistant when it comes to you viewing the content.
  • Mysterious phone calls from a blocked number with no one replying when you answer.
  • Passenger side seat not in the position that you are normally used to.
  • Child seat and child toys removed for no apparent reason.
  • Your spouse claiming to go to work unexpectedly on his/her day off, only to come back home with an odometer reading from the car well in excess of the distance to and from work.
  • Your spouse often forgets to wear their wedding ring.
  • Dally work and home routine is broken for no apparent reason.
  • Your spouse appears to be distant from you, shows lack of interest.
  • Your spouse sneaks out of the house.
  • Your spouse immediately takes a shower when returning home and does not greet, hug, or kiss you.
  • Your spouse creates a separate e-mail or social media account without telling you or adding you as a friend.
  • Your spouse has a separate cell phone plan with the bill being sent elsewhere in order to remain anonymous.
  • Excessive internet usage, especially at night when everyone is in bed.
  • Your spouse’s cell phone and /or computer is heavily password or biometric protected.
  • Mysterious ATM receipts bearing the time, date, and location.

Interforce International’s private investigations team will discretely work in the background to:

  • Detect awkward behavior that is related to adultery / infidelity.
  • Conduct reconnaissance and various undercover operations on your spouse and others for a set period of time to gather enough intelligence.
  • Present all evidence to the client with a 100% assurance rate that infidelity is happening in their relationship.

Interforce Security & Private Investigations has numerous forensic detection methods for infidelity / adultery cases, such as testing undergarments for traces of semen, live GPS tracking, and forensic analysis of cell phone records, credit card statements, and computers:


Our infidelity private investigations services can detect and exploit distrusts in a relationship by:

  • Installing GPS devices in vehicles for real time GPS tracking purposes.
  • Test fabrics for semen detection.
  • Analyze clothing for strands of hair not belonging to you or your spouse.
  • Analyze telephone records for mysterious telephone numbers.
  • Analyze your spouse’s cell phone or computer for any signs of infidelity.
  • Analyze credit card and bank account statements for any signs of infidelity.
  • Analyze your spouse’s vehicle for any discrepancies in travel habits.
  • Analyze your spouse’s social media activity for any signs of infidelity.

If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, do not confront your significant other. Contact us immediately for immediate assistance. We will guide you on how to keep your suspicions discrete while we conduct a thorough investigation.

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