Private investigations for divorce, separation, and child custody related matters.

Our Investigations Mandate:


“To provide covert surveillance and internal investigations for individuals (and their legal representative) to substantiate legal claims in order for clear and transparent divorce & separation proceedings”


Interforce International’s private investigations team understands that divorces and separations can be stressful to you and your children. No matter who wins in court, the children always lose. Families are torn apart, and high stress levels inhibit your ability to enjoy life to its fullest. Unfortunately that is reality when proceeding with a divorce or separation, but also the beginning of a transition to a better and brighter future. Our private investigations team can work with you and your legal representative to ensure your divorce or separation agreement is as transparent as possible, minimizing the amount of emotional stress you will go through by providing the following private investigations services:


  • Ensure your child’s well being is our first priority.
  • Prevent and eliminate incidents of defamation, slander, and false accusations from your ex spouse.
  • Substantiate legitimate allegations that have yet to be proven in court.
  • Locate ex spouses who are hiding in order to avoid child support responsibilities.
  • Verifying that child support payments are being spent on children and household needs.
  • Provide evidence in court that your spouse is working “under the table” (unreported cash job) to avoid child support payments.
  • Clarify financial claims that are in dispute.


“Interforce International’s divorce and separation private investigations can assist greatly in divorce proceedings. Prevent defamatory and slanderous allegations from your ex spouse by backing up your case with solid facts and evidence. Call us now for a free no obligation consultation”


Interforce International’s private investigations team will discretely work in the background to


  • Conduct reconnaissance and various undercover operations on your spouse and others for a set period of time to gather enough intelligence.
  • Conduct covert spot checks on your children to ensure that their safety is not compromised in any way.
  • Present all evidence to you (or your legal representative) to strengthen your divorce case.
  • Testify in court to substantiate claims that you and / or your representative are making.


If your divorce or separation case has arguments that have yet to be proven, contact Interforce International’s private investigations division for a complimentary consultation. Getting a divorce or separation settlement that favors you depends on concrete evidence and facts. Any information that does not have evidence and / or facts are not credible in a court of law. We will work with you and legal representative to substantiate any claim you have that needs hard fact and clear evidence, as well as to minimize or eliminate any defamation and slanderous claims that your ex spouse may be accusing you of.


The 12 month wait period for divorce:


According to the Ontario Ministry of Attorney General, couples must be separated for at least 12 months before being granted a divorce. There are two exceptions in which a divorce can be granted, bypassing 12 month wait period:


1. Your spouse has committed adultery in your relationship.


2. Your spouse is mentally and / or physically cruel and abusive to you.


In order to substantiate the above claims of adultery and / or abuse, your words are simply not enough, unless your spouse agrees to the allegations that you have made. But what happens if your spouse denies all of the above, forcing you to wait the 12 month window in order to be granted a divorce? Many victims suffer from the 12 month wait period, being unable to move on with their lives for a year while their spouse continues to manipulate the family justice system, cheat on you, and continue to make you suffer mentally and physically.


This is where Interforce International Private Investigations comes in: We provide concrete facts and evidence to the courts in order to substantiate your claim of infidelity and / or cruelty, which will bypass the 12 month wait period and expedite your divorce.


Child support investigation:


If you believe your ex spouse is manipulating his or her reported income in order to avoid (or pay substantially less) child support payments, Interforce International Private Investigations can investigate covertly and exploit any secret tactic that your ex spouse is doing. The most common tactic to elude or minimize child support payments is to work “under the table” with an employer who is willing to compensate employees with cash that is not reported to the Canada Revenue Agency for tax and income reporting issues.


If you believe your ex spouse is spending your hard earned child support payments extravagantly on items and services that are not necessities to support and raise a child alone, Interforce International Private Investigations can investigate covertly and identify what exactly your child support payments are being spent on. Misuse of child support payments towards items such as vacations, jewelry, plastic surgery, and expensive vehicles can aid your legal case when your monthly child support payment amounts are up for review and renewal.

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