Private investigations catered to the law enforcement sector, law fiems, and defense lawyers

Our Investigations Mandate:

“To work with law enforcement agencies, law firms, and defense lawyers to provide covert surveillance and undercover criminal investigations in order to substantiate claims made in a court of law”

Interforce International’s private investigations division works with law firms, defense lawyers and law enforcement agencies for the sole purpose of substantiating claims that have yet to be proven in a court of law. Defense lawyers know very well that a proper criminal defense is crucial to the outcome of the case involving their client, and not all of the informantion that the crown attorney presents in court may have the merit to withstand cross examination. This is where Interforce International Private Investigations comes in and conducts the necessary investigations required to have allegations that don’t have enough merit dismissed. Our services for law firms and defence lawyers include (but are not limited to):

  • Process serving legal documents.
  • Witness preperations, interviews, and statements.
  • Alibi verification.
  • Reviewing evidence.
  • Forensic support.

“Interforce International can support law enforcement agencies and defence lawyers get the hard facts before making bold decisions in a court of law. The evidence that we produce to our clients can clarify whether or not a criminal act has been committed”

For law enforcement agencies, sometimes the vast amount of investigations that are required to be conducted by police officers, detectives, and other investigators are too overwhelming, exceeding their work load. Interforce International’s Private Investigations team can assist law enforcement and can reduce the workload by subcontracting the workload to us for professional investigations. Our services for law enforcement agencies include (but are not limited to):

  • Background investigations.
  • Witness preperations, interviews, and statements.
  • Alibi verification.
  • Covert surveillance on suspects.
  • Forensic support.
  • Investigations for parole breaches.
  • Spot checks for house arrest detainees.

Interforce International’s private investigations team will discretely work in the background to:

  • Conduct reconnaissance and various undercover operations on and individual or individuals for a set period of time to gather enough intelligence.
  • Present all evidence to the law enforcement agency and / or substantiate all findings in a court of law.