Frequently asked questions about our security guard training programs:

What training programs do you provide?


At Interforce Security Training Centre, we provide two comprehensive courses:

1. 40 hour security guard basic training syllabus: This on-line course will teach students who wish to seek a career in the security industry the foundation knowledge about what it takes to become a security guard. Students can learn at their own pace at the comfort of their own home. No need to travel to a classroom!

2. CPR training: Students who wish to be licensed as a security guard in the Province of Ontario will also need to attend a 1 day in class training session that will teach students how to perform CPR, first aid, and AED defibrillator training. This is an 8 hour course which completes the 40 hour basic security guard training course. Our CPR courses can also be taken solely for those who wish to receive CPR training only.

Are the courses done in a classroom or on-line?

Interforce International has a distance learning platform, allowing students who wish to partake in the security guard course to do the course on-line in the comfort of your own home. Many of the benefits for on-line training compared to in class training are:

  • Learn at your own pace. No need to worry about being late for a class.
  • No need to commute through traffic, pay expensive parking fees, bus fares, and drive through rush hour traffic.
  • Fast track your security license: Regardless whether or not your training is done on-line or in a classroom, the prescribed duration of the course will always be 40 hours. However, the advantage that on-line training has over in class training is that you can go through the security guard course and complete it in 3 days (16 hours per day plus a 1 day in class CPR course) as opposed to in class training which is limited to 8 hours a day in a 5 day duration.

What’s the difference between the in class and on-line security guard training?

the Ministry of Private Security and Investigative Services Branch allow both on-line and in class learning. Both learning methods are viewed to be equal in recognition.

What are the training requirements to become a security guard in Ontario?

The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services requires a 40 hour training syllabus, with mandatory subjects in:

1. Introduction to the Security Industry.

2. The Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Ministry Code of Conduct.

3. Basic Security Procedures.

4. Report Writing.

5. Health and Safety.

6. Emergency Response Preparation.

7. Canadian Legal Aspects.

8. Legal Authorities.

9. Effective Communication.

10. Sensitivity Training.

11. Use of Force Theory.

12. CPR with AED.


What are the minimum requirements to take the security guard course?

For security guard training and weapons training, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid SIN number, and possess no criminal record in Canada where a pardon has not been granted.

What is the minimum passing grade to pass the security guard course?

The minimum percentage required to successfully pass our security guard course is 70 (seventy) percent.

What if I fail the security guard test?

All students who fail the security guard training (with the exception of the CPR portion) are invited to retake the security guard course free of charge.

What if I need assistance during my on-line training?

Assistance is just a telephone call, e-mail, or instant message away! All students can communicate with our training department via telephone, e-mail, and instant messaging from Blackberry Messenger and Skype.

How long do I have to complete the course?

All participants have up to 6 months to complete the course.

What are the course fees for your security guard and CPR courses?

Our prices for every training program is listed in the Training Programs Page.

Do you provide flexible payment options for your security guard training courses?

Yes, Interforce Security Training Centre provides flexible and affordable payment options for students who wish to enroll in all of our security guard training programs. The course fee is broken down into two payment installments, with one installment due at enrollment, and the second installment due prior to training completion.

Do you guarantee jobs after I successfully complete your security guard training course and receive my security guard license?

Although there are training centres that claim to guarantee work, in reality there is no such thing. Any training centre that advertises guaranteed jobs is falsely advertising their services in order to persuade you to sign up. Honest security guard training centres like Interforce Security Training Centre can confidently say that we hire students who have completed our security guard training course in priority sequence over others who have not gone through our training curriculum. Jobs come and go on a daily basis with assignments coming to us frequently for fulfillment. We also are a part of a network of security guard companies that share internal information pertaining to unadvertised jobs.

As soon as a student has successfully completed our training program and has received his or her license, that student will be put on a waiting list for employment. The waiting list is short and moves up rather quickly.

(Update: Job placements currently suspended due to Covid.  Many employers are reporting little to no job placements available due to Covid-19)

What happens next when I successfully complete your security guard training course?

Congratulations! Once you have successfully completed your security guard course, we will upload your information onto the Ministry’s web site and generate you a completion ID number. This ID number is then used to book your Ministry test. Please provide that number to Serco Des as proof of completion of basic security guard training. You will then select a time and date that works best for you to write your Ministry exam. The costs to book your Ministry examination is $67.50 + HST. Once you pass your Ministry exam, you can now apply for your security guard license, whether it be on-line or through the mail. Service Ontario will charge each applicant $80 for a single license, or $160 for a dual license. Once approved, you should receive a temporary paper license in which you can use to start work right away while waiting for the permanent card to arrive in the mail.