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Security guard training and first aid / CPR training courses in the Toronto area
Security guard training and first aid / CPR training courses in the Toronto area: Promotional pricing in effect!
CPR training courses in the Toronto area

Common training scams in the security industry, what to look for, and consumer protection to protect yourselves:

Interforce International Security & Private Investigations would like to remind everyone who wishes to pursue a career as a security guard and private investigator to pre-screen training institutions before making a decision to register, especially in regards to Craigslist, Kijiji, and Google advertisements (Google Ad Words) where security guard training advertisements are known to be misleading and / or deceptive. Interforce International Security Training Centre has always had transparent and easy to understand course outlines and fees since our inception to provide security guard training courses in the Province of Ontario.

"False advertising is rampant in the security guard training industry. Anything from guaranteed jobs to unrealistic wage rates are often advertised in order to falsely persuade the general public. Interforce International wishes everyone to exercise caution and conduct thorough research when selecting a training centre for their licensing needs"

Common Craigslist scams: Google ad words avertisements often advertise unregistered web based training courses with no human interaction, no telephone number, and prices that are too good to be true:

Most training scams on Craigslist an Google ad words often advertise guaranteed jobs, unrealistic pay rates, and unrealistic training tuition costs. Many "fly by night" training web sites and unregistered training providers also try to take advantage of students due to their tight budgets with course prices that are too good to be true. In reality, they are not registered to even provide security guard training and can disappear anytime with your money.

Some of the most effective ways to protect yourself from security guard training scams are:

Plus Green Icon Ensure that the training institution is listed on the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services web site. Only registered institutions will have their company listed there.

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Visit and register with a training centre in person. Training centres found solely on-line can be fraudulent and unauthorized to provide security guard training. If you are a victim of a scam from an on-line training provider that is not licensed to provide security guard training, there would be no recourse to receive a refund because they do not physically exist. Protect yourself and visit the location to ensure that the training facility actually has a physical presence. By doing this, you can physically verify their security agency license and liability insurance certifications, which are mandatory to be displayed in a common area where they operate out of according to the Private Security & Investigative Services Branch. Interforce International Training Centre welcomes everyone to register in person at our head office located at:

Interforce International Security Training Centre
2428 Islington Avenue, Unit 17B (basement level)
Toronto, ON M9W 3X8

Walk-in training registration hours are from 10:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

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Avoid security guard training institutions that guarantee jobs or advertise dozens of unfilled positions that needs to be filled asap. This is considered false advertising and most of their graduates finish the course and remain unemployed. Interforce International has reported a huge increase in employment applications from training institutions that guaranteed them a job but never materialized.

If a training centre claims they have a job waiting for your after you get licensed, get it in writing.  On the agreement form, ensure that they include the site location where they plan to place you, your schedule, rate of pay, and the start date. Also ensure that they sign the agreement, making it legally binding.  By doing this, you have protected yourself in the event the training company fails to deliver their "guaranteed job or vacant position."  This allows you to request a refund through a complaint process.

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Avoid security guard training institutions that advertise unrealistic pay rates: Newly graduate students who receive their security guard license in Ontario should not expect the advertised $18-$25 per hour rate. It takes years of experience before being considered for a position that pays in that range, and is likely a manager / supervisor role that requires years of expertise.

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Ensure that you are getting the total tuition cost required to complete the security guard training course: On-line security guard training institutions are often found to advertise only the security guard training course without the mandatory first aid & CPR certification, which is required to complete your training. Students who register with a security guard training institution without transparent pricing often find themselves paying more than they have expected.

Some sneaky security training providers will only provide CPR training, which is insufficient according to the Ministry's guidelines.  Always make sure your first aid and CPR training is: Emergency First aid & CPR Level C.

The following fees are compulsory when training and applying for your security guard license in Ontario:

- Basic security guard course: Mandatory to receive your security guard license. Fees vary by the training facility.
- First aid & CPR certification: Mandatory to receive your security license. Fees vary by the training facility
(often not advertised with price).
- Booking fee to write the Ministry examination: $66.50 plus HST, payable to Serco Canada.
- Licensing fee to apply for security guard license once you pass your examination: $80.00.

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It is "recommended" to deal only with security guard training institutions that are also security guard companies with employees. Many security guard training institutions are just training institutions with no real life experience or direct knowledge in the security guard industry. Interforce International Security & Private Investigations is a licensed, bonded, and award winning security guard and private investigations company with 45 full and part time employees, operating since 2005. We have the necessary life and business expertise to coach and train you based on our experience.

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