Licensed by the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services:
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Interforce International is a top ranked, award winning security guard and private investigations company in the Toronto area
Interforce Internatinal Private Investigations anti-fraud task force services for the Toronto area
Residential, commerical, and industrial security guard services for the greater Toronto area
Industrial security guard services for the greater Toronto area
Interforce Internatinal Private Investigations for the greater Toronto area

What the President of Interforce International has to say about 2015 and the future:

The 2015 year will be the most exciting year since the inception of our valued company! First and foremost, I am pleased to regain my role as President of Interforce International after temporarily stepping down for a brief period due to personal reasons. Now that I have assumed my original position, I am pleased announce that we are a dually licensed security guard and private investigations company. Our main focus in the private investigations division is to combat insurance fraud. Whether it be a questionable personal injury claim from an automobile accident, or a suspicious work related injury, our Private Investigations division takes an aggressive and unique approach at combating insurance fraud. We have invested thousands of dollars in the most innovative covert video and audio recording devices which cannot be detected by the general public, and even the most experienced private investigators. This will ensure that our private investigators will have the competitive advantage when combating insurance fraud related assignments.

Another exciting announcement is our planned expansion into CCTV & remote monitoring products and services, catered to the construction and industrial industries. It is no secret that remote monitoring security services for construction sites have become more and more popular in the past decade. We acknowledge this trend and plan to implement a state of the art ULC certified CCTV monitoring and alarm dispatch centre. As construction firms become more cost cutting, early stages of the construction phase will employ CCTV cameras instead of physical security guards, and this will be the norm. I anticipate our CCTV monitoring centre will be up and running in early 2016.

Our passion towards innovation has never slowed. And just recently, on April 30, 2015, Interforce International Inc. was honored to receive the business innovation award at the Brampton Business Excellence Awards, held at the Pearson Convention Centre. Thanks to our state of the art GPS fobs we issue to every employee for attendance and emergency assistance purposes, alongside with infrared and photoelectric motion sensor technology we provide for the construction industry, the Brampton Board of Trade has taken notice.

I anticipate the 2016 year to be the most exciting year yet. We are on course to securing a major services contract at a shopping mall, currently under construction and currently protected by our security firm. With the expansion to private investigations and CCTV remote monitoring, I am confident to say that Interforce International's future looks very positive, and I look forward to pushing its boundaries further.


Kien Hoang
President & CEO: Interforce International Inc.


Interforce International Inc.

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