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Construction security guard and fire watch services for construction and renovation projects serving the greater Toronto area
Security guard and patrol services from Interforce International, serving the greater Toronto area
Upscale concierge security guard services for condominiums, hotels, and commercial buildings in the Toronto area
Affordable mobile security guard services for all private properties serving the greater Toronto area
Industrial security guard services for warehouses, truck yards, distribution centres, production facilities, manufacturing facilities, assembly plants serving the greater Toronto area

Property asset protection and fire watch services for construction sites, renovations, sprinkler alarm repair and maintenance

Our Security Mandate:

"To provide fire watch and asset protection services for construction sites. To ensure that all raw materials and equipment are safe from fire theft, and sabotage. To ensure no illegal dumping occurs. To prevent trespassing from occurring on site."

Toronto Construction Association

Interforce International provides comprehensive construction security guard services for construction sites in need of fire watch and property protection. If you're visiting this particular page, you're most likely a Project Manager (or in a similar role) seeking fire watch and security guard services for your construction project or renovation because of the amount of raw materials and appliances that are left overnight, or because your insurance company who is insuring the project insisted on having a security guard on duty overnight to prevent theft, fire, flooding, and other acts that can potentially harm the site, resulting in an expensive claim.

Even though theft can mount to thousands of dollars in lost property, it's not the fear of theft that insurance companies are particularly worried about, It's fire. Fire is the number one fear for insurance companies that insure construction projects, and is the main reason why construction companies are obligated to have an on site after hours security guard frequently patrol the grounds for any early signs of fire, and to eliminate that threat as soon as possible before it gets out of hand. The liability is far too great not to have a watch man watch your construction site after hours, and our construction security guard services are specifically catered to insurance company's needs to prevent fire, flooding, theft, illegal dumping, vandalism, and sabotage. We have extensive knowledge for fire, theft, illegal dumping, and trespass prevention by educating construction firms about crime prevention through environmental design, or CPTED. Simple security protocols can and will lead to a safer and more secure construction site!

Corporate members of the Toronto Construction Association:

"Construction companies should look at a security guard company's past experience when it comes to protecting multi-million dollar construction projects before making and informed decision, and to look for the best value, NOT the lowest hourly rate"

With over 500 security guard companies in Ontario alone, construction companies who seek fire watch and property / asset protection for their multi-million dollar construction projects should do their due diligence when it comes to selecting a qualified and experienced security guard and fire watch company.  Simple, but effective ways include verifying references, ensuring that the security guard agency is properly licensed and insured (mandated by the PSISB), and to select a "qualified" security guard company with prior experience in fire watch protection.

Our Experience & Knowledge in Construction Security and Fire Watch:

Interforce International Security has secured numerous service contracts with many construction firms and land developers in the past 10 years, and we have the references to prove it. Not only do we have the references which will all be positive, but we also have many years of expertise in fire watch prevention, providing fire watch services for numerous 4 story mid rise wooden structure condominiums. With the Ontario building code updated to allow 6 story wooden structures, the risk of fire can be catastrophic, causing millions of dollars in damage. Fire watch for construction sites requires properly trained security personnel who can detect fire hazards that can lead to a fire, to neutralize the threat, and/or report the threat to the superintendent for immediate attention. With Interforce International's vast knowledge and experience in construction security and fire watch services, we are the leading security guard agency in Ontario for your fire watch needs!

Construction security

Interforce International's construction security guard and patrol services provides:

Plus Green Icon Construction security: Property and asset protection
Plus Green Icon Fire watch security services: Prevention of fire during construction, renovation, and maintenance
Plus Green Icon Security guard services for sprinkler shut down & maintenance
Plus Green Icon Security guard services for renovation projects

You can trust Interforce International's construction security guard & fire watch patrol services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Oakville, and other municipalities for:

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A FIRST IN ONTARIO! Interforce International are one of the select few construction security guard services companies in the greater Toronto area to have the experience and capability of installing infrared detection sensors that will act as a virtual security wall along the perimeter of your construction site. These sensors emit an invisible laser surrounding the fencing in which sounds a loud audible alarm when breached.

Beam sensors for a construction site:
These infrared sensors were installed at one of our client's construction sites in Oakville. Interforce International worked along side with this construction company and came up with creative ways to prevent trespassers from entering this site which was prone to unwanted guests. The construction company agreed to secure the perimeter by installing secure fencing that cannot be pushed open with the use of locking pins. Tall wooden hoarding was also placed along the fencing to prevent trespassers from climbing over the fence. In the event of a trespasser who succeeds at climbing over the fencing and hoarding, the motion sensors are placed just above the fencing which will trip the invisible beam hovering above, sounding the alarm in which the on site security guard will immediately investigate.

Interested in having infrared security sensors installed at your construction site? Does your construction site qualify to have this technology? E-mail us and ask!

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Comprehensive floor by floor security patrols to detect building deficiencies and prohibited activity. We will patrol common areas such as stairwells, underground parking lots, outdoor parking lots, mechanical rooms, etc.

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Security signs placed in common areas (fences, gates) with 24 hour dispatch line.
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Periodic propane tank checks during cold weather protocol to prevent and detect propane leaks, safe storage of propane tanks, emergency gas shut off, and routine maintenance on propane burner heaters.

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Frequent site visits from security management to ensure client protocols are being met.
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Computerized inbound & outbound log for contractors and visitors for accurate traceable records.
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Monthly detailed computerized report with statistics in graph form and summary of incidences reported.
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Complimentary threat assessment of your construction project in order to identify all possible threats and safety deficiencies that can breach the safety of the site. Some things that we check for are:
  • Night lighting to deter theft.
  • Cigarette butts left over from construction workers which can smolder and start a fire.
  • Storage containers to store and lock expensive raw materials, such as copper.
  • Live exposed wires near combustible materials: Ensure the minimum distance is attained for safety.
  • Proper storage of propane burner heaters.
  • Propane burner heaters near combustible materials: Ensure the minimum distance is attained for safety.
  • Fall hazards and other safety hazards.
  • Fire exits: Ensure clear and unblocked path at all times.
  • Adequate fire extinguishers throughout the building. Gauge checks to ensure adequate charging.
  • Adequate fire alarms throughout the building to provide early warning.
  • Breaches in unsecured fencing along the perimeter.
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Security guard tour patrol verification for quality assurance from our guard's patrol history.
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Fire watch and contractor supervision for controlled access, guarding of materials, and verifying work done.
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Enforcement of the Trespass to Property Act and Criminal Code of Canada, keeping property safe from harm.

Is your construction project still on the drawing board, in the early stages? If so, you may qualify for free security guard & fire watch services! Contact us to see if you qualify!

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